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All may ap­pear well in pub­lic, but Kens­ing­ton Palace has been thrown into tur­moil as its royal res­i­dents are locked in a bit­ter war with one an­other.

At the heart of the bat­tle lies a livid Princess Beatrice and her mother Sarah Fer­gu­son. The pair are said to be fu­ri­ous that Princess Eu­ge­nie has es­sen­tially been kicked out of Kens­ing­ton Palace, af­ter news emerged that the newly mar­ried princess is on the hunt for a new home af­ter com­plain­ing Ivy Cot­tage is too small for her and her hus­band Jack Brooks­bank.

“Fer­gie and Beatrice are ab­so­lutely livid that Eu­ge­nie has been kicked out of Kens­ing­ton Palace,” a source spills to New Idea. “Af­ter the huge suc­cess of her wed­ding and how it put Eu­ge­nie fi­nally at the front of the royal fam­ily for once and made her a star, Fer­gie can’t be­lieve that her daugh­ter’s been kicked in the stom­ach like this.”

“As a re­sult, she and Beatrice have been se­ri­ously plot­ting be­hind the scenes,” ex­plains the in­sider.

“They’re re­ally push­ing An­drew to get tough and make a stand and to ruf­fle the feath­ers of the monar­chy. Ten­sions have never been so bad and Fer­gie is 100 per cent be­hind it. This feud re­ally has the po­ten­tial to de­stroy the royal fam­ily.”

And with news emerg­ing that the once in­sep­a­ra­ble Prince Wil­liam and Prince Harry are go­ing their sep­a­rate ways, it seems that there are a lot of changes hap­pen­ing be­hind the palace walls.

“Up to now Wil­liam and Harry have been seen as a dou­ble act but the time is now right for them to go their sep­a­rate ways,” says royal re­porter Phil Dampier.

“They are both now mar­ried and have dif­fer­ent roles to play.

“Much of Wil­liam’s fu­ture is mapped out for him as a fu­ture Prince of Wales and then King.

“Kate, of course, has three young chil­dren, so they have their hands full.

“It makes sense for them to have sep­a­rate staffs to cope with their needs, while Harry and Meghan will have a new course to fol­low.”

Last week it was re­vealed that Duchess Meghan’s preg­nancy is one of the main rea­sons for the royal broth­ers’ split, with sources claim­ing that there will be a “for­mal di­vi­sion” when the Duke and Duchess of Sus­sex’s child is born next year.

Harry and Meghan cur­rently live in Not­ting­ham Cot­tage, and they are ex­pected to move out to their newly ren­o­vated part of Kens­ing­ton Palace or pos­si­bly even an en­tirely new home.

“Af­ter the mas­sive suc­cess of their tour in Aus­tralia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, there is no doubt­ing Harry and Meghan are su­per­stars, just as pop­u­lar as Wil­liam and Kate, and they are vi­tal as am­bas­sadors for the Com­mon­wealth,” con­tin­ues Dampier.

“With one child on the way and doubt­less an­other planned, they will want to move into a larger apart­ment at Kens­ing­ton Palace as be­fits their sta­tus.

And it seems Meghan may be stir­ring up the palace drama with her dreams of a big­ger house. Af­ter spend­ing over a year man­ag­ing the $2.5 mil­lion ren­o­va­tions to their home at Kens­ing­ton Palace, it would ap­pear she’s now got her

heart set on mov­ing else­where. While the cou­ple had been ex­pected to move into Apart­ment 1, the present ten­ants, the Duke and Duchess of Glouces­ter, are ap­par­ently re­luc­tant to move out just yet.

“This can’t con­tinue as Not­ting­ham Cot­tage, where the Sus­sexes live now, is far too small for a fam­ily, so it might need the Queen to have a gen­tle word with the Glouces­ters!” says Dampier.

How­ever, it would seem that what Meghan wants, Meghan gets. It was re­ported that Harry had “a full-blown melt­down” ahead of his May wed­ding to the Suits ac­tress, ac­cord­ing to royal bi­og­ra­pher Robert Job­son.

In his new book Charles at Sev­enty: Thoughts, Hopes and Dreams, Job­son claims that Harry was known to raise his voice in the lead up to the big day and in­sist “what Meghan wants, she gets”!

That would cer­tainly seem to be the case.

Job­son also claims that Meghan has up­set the Queen.

Ac­com­pa­ny­ing the monarch on their first pub­lic out­ing in June, Job­son says Meghan ig­nored a mes­sage from royal aides that Her Majesty would be wear­ing a hat to the event and that Meghan should, too.

And while there is no sug­ges­tion of a rift be­tween the broth­ers and their wives, it’s cer­tainly clear that the two cou­ples are mov­ing in very dif­fer­ent paths.

“When Wil­liam be­comes the Prince of Wales, he will take on a lot of ex­tra re­spon­si­bil­ity, in­clud­ing the Duchy of Corn­wall and all that en­tails,” con­tin­ues the source.

“Harry and Meghan have none of that and seem am­bi­tious about forg­ing their own paths.”

How­ever, Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana’s for­mer po­lice body­guard, thinks Wil­liam and Harry go­ing their sep­a­rate ways could be a huge mis­take. “To me it makes sense for them to work to­gether and spark off each other – to use each other’s strengths and weak­nesses.

“They can do far more as a team than work­ing sep­a­rately. They call their char­ity for men­tal health ‘Heads to­gether’ im­ply­ing peo­ple work bet­ter to­gether so why not them?”

Harry has re­port­edly in­sisted Meghan gets what­ever she wants. (Right) Beatrice is re­port­edly livid.

THE YOUNG ROYALS ARE AT A STAND OFF! Wil­liam and Kate have a very dif­fer­ent fu­ture ahead of them than Harry and Meghan.

Princess Eu­ge­nie and her new hus­band Jack Brooks­bank are house hunt­ing. Can her par­ents Prince An­drew and Sarah (in­set) help?

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