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One of Charles’ worst scan­dals was the release of a taped pri­vate con­ver­sa­tion be­tween him­self and Camilla – dubbed “tampongate”. In the tapes, he can be heard say­ing: “Oh God. I’ll just live in­side your trousers. It would be much eas­ier!” To which Camilla laughs: “What are you go­ing to turn into, a pair of knick­ers? You’re go­ing to come back as a pair of knick­ers.” “Or, God for­bid, a Tam­pax. Just my luck!” says Charles.


Ac­cord­ing to bi­og­ra­pher Sally Bedell Smith, the prince has lav­ish de­mands, “trav­els with a white leather toi­let seat, and pitches a fit when he’s forced to fly first class rather than in a pri­vate jet”.


The royals are not sup­posed to dab­ble in pol­i­tics. Yet over sev­eral years, Charles sent let­ters, dubbed the “Black Spi­der Me­mos” to min­is­ters in the UK govern­ment. When it came to light, the palace tried to cover up his faux pas.


In 2017, doc­u­ments were leaked that showed the prince stor­ing funds in an off­shore ac­count to avoid pay­ing taxes on his in­come.

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