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Since Tori’s (Penny Mcnamee) dev­as­tat­ing mis­car­riage, Robbo (Jake Ryan) is fo­cus­ing on Jas­mine (Sam Frost). And he has a pro­posal of his own in mind! But what Robbo doesn’t know is Tori has ev­ery in­ten­tion of go­ing ahead with a sec­ond em­bryo im­plan­ta­tion – with­out his con­sent.

“Tori feels they’re one step away from the fin­ish line and now Robbo has pulled the pin,” says Penny. “She’s an­gry and hurt by his de­ci­sion – the two of them had a deal. That’s why she’s think­ing of hav­ing the trans­fer with­out con­sult­ing him and, legally, she’s not do­ing any­thing wrong.”

Mean­while, aware of Tori’s plan, Justin (James Ste­wart) gives his sis­ter an ul­ti­ma­tum – ei­ther she tells Robbo, or he will.

Fi­nally agree­ing to come clean with Robbo, Tori heads out the next morn­ing with the best of in­ten­tions. But when Tori spots the clearly madly-in-love Jas­mine and Robbo to­gether, she not only has a change of heart but makes an­other shock de­ci­sion – to later ask Jas­mine to try to change Robbo’s mind about un­der­go­ing IVF again. “It’s cer­tainly not Jas­mine’s role to try and con­vince Robbo to go ahead with the em­bryo trans­fer,” says Penny. “Tori is re­ally cross­ing the line here.”

But se­cretly Robbo is plan­ning to drop a bomb­shell of his own on Jas­mine. And it could change ev­ery­thing if he does!

More in love than ever, Jas­mine and Robbo are try­ing to fo­cus on their re­la­tion­ship, but a grief-stricken Tori has other ideas.

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