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Home and Away’s youngest stars Olivia Deeble and Anna Cocquerel are used to see­ing fans do a dou­ble take when they’re out and about to­gether.

For while their char­ac­ters Raffy and Coco get along fa­mously – for the most part, at least! – Olivia, 16, and Anna, 17, are also the best of friends in real life.

“We’ll be out shop­ping or hav­ing lunch to­gether and peo­ple do look twice,” laughs Olivia. “It’s very funny – peo­ple get dou­bly ex­cited and will be like, ‘There’s Raffy and there’s Coco!’ We hang out to­gether a lot.

“Our char­ac­ters some­times fight – they’re two very fiery­headed girls – but Anna and I never do,” adds Olivia. “We’re just re­ally good friends.”

Agrees Anna: “We’ve just al­ways got along re­ally well. Olivia’s al­ways happy and just con­nects with peo­ple.”

It’s easy to see that the tal­ented teens truly do love work­ing to­gether and shar­ing laughs when the cam­eras aren’t rolling.

And, as they re­veal, that’s the way it’s al­ways been – in fact, long be­fore they be­gan work­ing on the show to­gether.

“We met many years ago – I was prob­a­bly about 12 – at a call-back au­di­tion for some­thing else and we spent about eight hours to­gether in this call-back room,” re­calls Olivia. “We just clicked from the start.”

When Anna landed the role of Coco in late 2016, Olivia had al­ready been play­ing Raffy for more than a year. And she was thrilled to wel­come Anna into the fold.

“Anna’s the only other girl my age here, so I was so ex­cited when she joined the show,” says Olivia. “We’re two teenage girls and we share the same dress­ing room. I’ll of­ten see her more than I see my other friends, and some­times even more than I see my fam­ily.”

As Olivia re­veals, Anna quickly be­came “like a sis­ter to me”.

“We’ll call each other if we need ad­vice about school or any­thing else,” she says. “It’s just that kind of thing that we’ve be­come so close. I’m re­ally lucky to have her, be­cause she just ‘gets it’.

“She un­der­stands how amaz­ing the job is, but ex­actly what it’s like jug­gling things, too. We re­ally re­spect each other,” she says.

Adds Anna: “We do both un­der­stand what it’s like to be film­ing and then, five min­utes later, be do­ing your home­work in the dress­ing room. That’s where we con­nect a lot.”

In­deed, next year, while Olivia will be com­bin­ing Year 11 stud­ies with her film­ing sched­ule, Anna will be work­ing part-time on the hit week­night se­ries while com­plet­ing Year 12.

“I’ll still be in the Bay, but I’m also at a reg­u­lar school with all of my friends,” says Anna. “I’ve been at the school since Year 1 and I’ve al­ways had great friends there too. Just to go back and fin­ish with all of my peers was some­thing I didn’t want to miss out on – it’s some­thing that I think is very im­por­tant for ev­ery teenager there.”

“Fin­ish­ing school is im­por­tant to both of us,” agrees Olivia.

And, as has long been the case, the girls will be there to sup­port each other.

“We’ve been to­gether for such an im­por­tant part of our lives, so we’ll al­ways have a spe­cial con­nec­tion,” says Olivia.


Both teenagers, Anna and Olivia bonded im­me­di­ately, be­com­ing fast friends.

The gor­geous teens even share a dress­ing room to­gether!

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