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Make your guests feel spe­cial this Christ­mas by jazz­ing up their ar­rival drink. Try th­ese de­li­cious com­bos: ● Blend a 125g pun­net fresh rasp­ber­ries in a blen­der with 1 tsp each sugar and vanilla ex­tract un­til smooth. Strain. Place a spoon­ful into Cham­pagne glasses and top up with sparkling wine. ● Blend the flesh of 1 large mango in a blen­der with 1 tsp sugar un­til smooth. Pour into Cham­pagne glasses. ● Chop canned or fresh ly­chees (dis­card seeds). Di­vide among Cham­pagne glasses. Spoon fresh pas­sion­fruit pulp over top. Pour in sparkling wine. ● Com­bine equal amounts of or­ange juice and pineap­ple juice in a jug. Pour a into Cham­pagne glasses to about one-third full. Add a few drops of grena­dine. Top up with sparkling wine.

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