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Each of the clues be­low has a six-let­ter an­swer. Write the an­swer clock­wise in the spa­ces around the ap­pro­pri­ate clue num­ber. Where the hexagons touch, the letters in the ad­join­ing seg­ments will be the same. We’ve an­swered one clue for you. The letters in brack­ets tell you the first let­ter of the an­swer. The letters in the in­ner coloured hexagon will spell a hid­den word.


1 In­ex­pe­ri­enced new re­cruit (R) 2 – Gun­ston, in­ept TV pre­sen­ter played by Garry Mcdon­ald (N) 3 Colin –, starred in The Se­cret Daugh­ter (F) 4 In­tensely bright fab­ric pop­u­lar in the 1980s (F) 5 Record la­bel based in Detroit, Michi­gan, famed for soul and R&B per­form­ers (M) 6 Spins like a danc­ing dervish (W) 7 Chest of draw­ers sup­ported on short legs (L) 8 Iron­i­cally tacky, in poor taste (K) 9 Tight group in which a team gath­ers for fi­nal mo­ti­va­tion and tac­ti­cal talk (H) 10 Hum­ble and self-ef­fac­ing (M) 11 South Amer­i­can cat­tle-herder (G) 12 Neil –, US singer/song­writer who had hits in the early 1960s in­clud­ing Oh! Carol and Cal­en­dar Girl (S)

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