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Strictly no pro­cessed, man­u­fac­tured or re­fined foods. For any­thing in a packet/tin, look at the in­gre­di­ents rather than the nutri­tional ta­ble to make sure they are nat­u­ral, and there are no added nas­ties such as sugar, sta­bilis­ers, preser­va­tives, flavours, etc. Be bold and dar­ing! If you don’t love what you’re eat­ing it’ll be dif­fi­cult to stick with it. Look up new recipes and ex­per­i­ment with nat­u­ral flavours (like honey, gluten-free soy sauce, pure maple syrup). Con­trol your por­tion sizes by us­ing a smaller plate and don’t over­load it. Don’t see it as a ‘diet’ but rather a life­style change.

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