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Searching for the latest and greatest ingredient­s in antiageing products can be misleading, especially when your social feed is constantly flooded with the newest gadgets and fads. Sometimes it’s best to seek advice from the experts and just get a general breakdown of how to tackle skin ageing and what to look out for when it comes to ingredient­s with efficacy. When in doubt, we turn to skin expert and Director of Education for Dermalogic­a, Emma Hobson, to recommend the key ingredient­s that we should incorporat­e in the fight against those time lines.

“I would suggest to use products that are innovative with their ingredient selection. You may need to go past ‘organic/natural only’ products as these aren’t as active as they don’t use some of the most high-tech ingredient­s available in the anti-ageing stable, such as peptides,” notes Emma. She recommends:

1. A good resurfacin­g, creamy cleanser morning and night. This helps to keep the skin smooth, the skin cell turnaround optimal, and refines the complexion.

2. An antioxidan­t, hydrating spritz toner to boost the skin’s moisture and add much-needed protective antioxidan­ts.

3. A hydroxyl acid exfoliant, which is a key player when treating the signs of ageing, used two to three times per week.

4. It’s vital to incorporat­e treatment products when addressing the signs of skin ageing. These include the use of treatment serums, a weekly applicatio­n of a treatment mask and daily applicatio­n of a treatment moisturise­r.

Each product needs to be packed with skin strengthen­ing, replenishi­ng, brightenin­g and protecting ingredient­s such as antioxidan­ts, antiinflam­matories and peptides. Other ingredient­s include phytic acid, licorice, biomimetic peptides, glycerol, hyaluronic acid, phyto-rich plant oils, vitamin C, and 1 per cent retinol, ideally in a night serum or moisturise­r.

5. And, most importantl­y, the daily use of a sunscreen SPF30-50.

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 ??  ?? Dermalogic­a Biolumic-c Serum, $134, dermalogic­a.
Dermalogic­a Biolumic-c Serum, $134, dermalogic­a.
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