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When news broke that Prince Charles had tested positive for coronaviru­s, there was one Australian man who was a lot more interested than many others.

Queensland father and grandfathe­r Simon Doranteday claims that Charles and wife Camilla are his parents, and has launched an unpreceden­ted legal battle to prove it. However, no evidence has been produced to date to confirm his claims.

But while Simon and his Australian wife, Dr Elvianna Dorante-day, were obviously shocked to hear the news, they weren’t surprised.

Speaking to New Idea, Simon says: “Elvie and I think Charles and the royal family – especially Her Majesty and Philip – should have been isolated a lot earlier.

“I can’t believe they were out and about for that long, knowing the health risks and how the situation was escalating around the world. Elvie and I have been self-isolating with our kids for weeks now, and the royal family should’ve been doing the same.

“I know at the end of the day the Government/establishm­ent make them go out and put on a brave face – as William did. But it put them at risk, and so what happened to Charles isn’t surprising.

“They went from laughing it off to issuing WHO advice too late. Dr Elvianna and

I were not impressed watching it all go down! But then that’s a lesson the whole Western world is learning now”

Simon also revealed an interestin­g conversati­on he had with wife Elvie weeks before Charles’ diagnosis, poignant considerin­g Camilla tested negative to coronaviru­s despite being his wife.

“Elvie said to me four weeks ago, ‘Are you protecting Charles and Camilla from getting sick?’” Simon says. “I said, ‘No! I ask God to look after my mother

– not specifical­ly Camilla.’

“Then poof! Charles gets it and she doesn’t and everyone is thinking ... that’s odd, we saw her at the races, they sleep together – how come?

“So in my prayers, my mother was protected ... my father wasn’t. And he got coronaviru­s.”

As for living in isolation, Simon says it’s “ironic” that Charles is getting a taste of the life that he and his family have lived for more than decades since he first started investigat­ing his royal paternity.

“We’ve been living in isolation for years,” he says. “Welcome to our world, Charles! We live from week to week, never go on holiday, work from home, work for ourselves with government support, home school in lockdown, educate online, shop in safety, move around at slack times. Now Charles is living the same life. It’s ironic really.

“Elvie and I just hope people stay safe out here. Self-isolate, wash your hands, get along at home. It’s not that bad!”

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