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Their 15th wedding anniversar­y was meant to be a time of celebratio­n, but for Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, but it has become all but a nightmare.

The couple who mark their crystal anniversar­y on April 9 have been forced to celebrate their relationsh­ip milestone alone due to Charles’ diagnosis with COVID-19.

It was recently revealed that Charles had tested positive for the virus and spent seven days self-isolating at his Scottish home Birkhall.

Royals author Phil Dampier reveals that Camilla, who tested negative for the virus, was separated from Charles and continued to self-isolate for several days longer as she doesn’t want to take any risks.

“Camilla is separate from him in another part of the house because she tested negative,” he says. “It’s got six bedrooms so they should be able to cope!”

However, Camilla has suffered from several colds in recent history and just last November, she was forced to cancel several engagement­s due to one such cold.

Given her age and recent health woes, the 72-year-old is likely worried that if she was to catch the virus, it could potentiall­y be life-threatenin­g so she is keeping her distance from Charles at this time.

While the future king is trying to maintain a positive outlook, he is said to be heartbroke­n that he can’t even spend his wedding anniversar­y with the love of his life. They would love to have a big party with all their family in attendance but given the unfolding situation in the UK, a celebratio­n is very unlikely.

“The couple will want to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversar­y but it will have to be low-key I’m afraid,” Phil says.

“A party will be out of the question. Big gatherings and celebratio­ns are not likely for the foreseeabl­e future.”

What’s more, at 71, Charles is also at higher risk from the virus and despite advice that he can leave self-isolation, his family are concerned he may be pushing himself too hard.

“Charles has always kept

himself fit but he will be working hard as usual and would be wise not to overdo it,’ says Phil. “I’m sure Camilla and William will be telling him to slow down and rest and keep well as he will be needed more than ever when this is over.”

Indeed, with people looking to them during this tough time, Charles and Camilla joined many around the UK who recently applauded the staff of the National Health Service. The couple shared a video featuring themselves clapping from separate rooms while they were self-isolating.

Despite showing their solidarity with the nation, it is clearly a trying time for them.

“I thought they both looked strained and worried,” says

Phil. “At the start of the crisis the royals were like everyone else – making jokes. But no-one is joking now.”

And, there is even more upset for Charles, who is said to be devastated about his son Prince Harry’s move to the US, as the palace releases more informatio­n about Meghan and Harry’s decision to step back from royal life. “No other Royal communicat­ions representa­tives act on behalf of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, including Palace spokespeop­le, Household representa­tives nor Royal sources,” read an official statement from the couple.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spend the next few months focusing on their family.”

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 ??  ?? Charles and Camilla on their wedding day. Below: They applaud the NHS.
Charles and Camilla on their wedding day. Below: They applaud the NHS. AS THEIR WEDDING ANNIVERSAR­Y APPROACHES THE COUPLE ARE FORCED TO SPLIT

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