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Get fit at home with Sam Wood.


With almost 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, and as the founder of Australia’s number one at-home fitness program, it’s clear that former Bachelor Sam Wood is genuinely passionate about helping others get in shape.

Now a member of the team on Seven’s Better Homes and Gardens as the lifestyle show’s new health and fitness expert, the 39-year-old dad believes that it’s vital to stay active and safe during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Sam – who shares his home with wife Snezana, 39, and their three girls, 8-month-old Charlie, Willow, 2, and Eve, 14, Snez’s daughter from a previous relationsh­ip – reveals his motivation­al tips for working out during these unpreceden­ted times.

And as Sam says: “Let’s stay healthy, stay strong and get through this together.”

Why do you believe it’s crucial to exercise during social distancing?

For me, so much has changed, but the exercise side of things hasn’t. You focus on what you can do. Working out at home, which is what my ‘28 [by Sam Wood] program’ is about, is a massive part of my life. Now that we’re home-bound we have all this extra time, and exercising is so important from the perspectiv­e of both our mental and physical health. Moderate-intensity regular activity has been proven to help support our immunity.

Should people of all ages make the effort to move at home?

Absolutely. I did a live workout for 20,000 people at 9am this morning and it was people in their sixties and seventies right through to mums with their kids, males, females and all fitness levels. We all need to focus on what we can do – not on what we can’t do.

How can we think outside the gym?

The benefit of the gym is that the equipment dictates what you need to do. You do need to be a bit more creative when you’re working out at home, but you can still achieve what you want to achieve. You can cleverly use household items as weights – cans of baked beans, two-litre cartons of milk, or even pot plants! Or get yourself a mat and some dumbbells. Either think outside the square or follow a program and you’ll say, “Wow, I really am getting stronger, leaner, fitter and healthier!”

Any advice for slotting in a workout when at home with kids?

I experience that challenge first-hand every day! [Laughs] But communicat­ing well with your partner – giving each other a 30-minute

window to work out while the other is looking after the kids – trying to slot your workout in during the kids’ nap time, or getting the kids involved, can help.

How do we resist the temptation to over-indulge in eating when we are at home all day?

Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean that you should be consuming an extra 1000 calories in snacks, or shifting away from three quality meals per day. Trying to set some rules for yourself, moving your body every day if possible, and just being sensible with your food has never been more important. ‘Progress but not perfection’ is our motto.

Is having a daily routine important?

Definitely. We’re all a bit confused and lost at the moment, so give yourself a positive thing to focus your energy on. Set a little physical challenge each day, build yourself up gradually, and it will be a silver lining in an otherwise challengin­g time. By Jackie Brygel

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 ??  ?? Sam with wife Snez and Eve, Willow and Charlie.
Sam with wife Snez and Eve, Willow and Charlie.
 ??  ?? You can use everyday items for a workout.
You can use everyday items for a workout.
 ??  ?? Sam is offering free workouts on his Facebook page to help people get moving without leaving the house.
Sam is offering free workouts on his Facebook page to help people get moving without leaving the house.

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