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The Hollywood rumour mill is going into overdrive with the news that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have possibly welcomed twins via surrogate.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s former gestationa­l carrier, Michelle Ross, announced on March 20 that she’d given birth.

She posted on social media: “1 girl: 6lbs 1oz 1 boy: 6lbs 13 oz. Here and healthy! 1 surrogate: healthy, groggy and will return when less so.”

Now an insider tells New Idea the babies could in fact be Jen and Brad’s. It’s believed the duo, who have always longed to start a family together, have never been fussed about how many children they would share, but Jen has always loved the idea of having a daughter.

“It’s being kept totally under the radar,” reveals the source.

“Jen and Brad have stopped short of confirming any baby news because it’s so sensitive and private. The unspoken message is that they’ll tell people when they’re ready, and that’s being respected among their close friends and confidants.”

Jennifer recently hinted about choosing an alternativ­e route to motherhood.

In an interview earlier this year she revealed: “It’s not so much what I see myself doing. But it’s more like a little screen shot in my brain, where I hear the ocean, I see the ocean, I hear laughter, I see kids running, I hear ice in a glass, I smell food being cooked.”

It’s thought Jennifer’s good friends Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen inspired her to go down this route after having their two daughters via surrogacy. Having previously acted as a carrier for Sarah

Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Michelle would be a natural choice for the similarly high-profile Jennifer and Brad.

“Brad and Jen did a ton of research before electing to take the surrogacy route, even before they divorced,” reveals the insider tells New Idea.

“They saw how it worked wonders for so many of their friends. The likes of Jen’s close friends Elizabeth Banks and Nicole Kidman, plus Sarah Jessica of course, but also non-famous acquaintan­ces have all told them it’s a beautiful and painless process that can be carried out with the utmost discretion and very little fuss.”

And despite the current situation, Brad and Jen are reportedly ready for the challenge. “Brad and Jen have a wonderful team of support staff, plus they’re more than capable of jumping in when the time comes and being hands-on parents,” says the insider.

“Brad for one can’t wait for more diaper duty, and Jen has been reassured she’ll be a natural so there’s no need to worry or panic.

“This will be the most beautiful time in their lives, something they’ve both dreamed about for literally decades, and now it’s happening they’re beyond ecstatic.”

Meanwhile, the arrival of Michelle’s twins wasn’t without complicati­ons.

The 37-year-old was rushed to Macdonald Women’s Hospital, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio, the day before the birth with high blood pressure.

She told her Facebook followers: “Pre-eclampsia. But got bp down enough to buy a night of monitoring before making the call to stay here to be watched or get babes out”.

She gave birth the following day, just over two weeks before her due date.

Michelle has remained silent about who the intended parents could be. But as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown, she posted the biological mother was unable to be present, which was heartbreak­ing.

She wrote, “I am in tears over it. I just cannot even imagine how desperate I would feel. It is so much more than missing the birth ... but to have absolutely no way to personally wrap your arms around or feel like you could protect your brand new babies. Ugh. I just cannot wrap my head around how hard it would be.”

 ??  ?? Brad and Jen are thought to have rekindled their relationsh­ip during the recent awards season.
Brad and Jen are thought to have rekindled their relationsh­ip during the recent awards season.
 ??  ?? Brad is very experience­d at being a father and is delighted.
Brad is very experience­d at being a father and is delighted.

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