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As Karl Stefanovic prepares to welcome his fourth child into the world - and first with wife Jasmine Yarbrough - the popular Today host is already glowing with paternal love.

The 45-year-old is expecting his first baby with his shoe-designer second wife and it’s clear he’s the doting dad-to-be, as the pair were spotted shopping for essential baby items and building their nursery.

Sources say Karl is determined to play happy families with his brother Peter and his wife Sylvia Jeffreys, who recently welcomed a baby boy named Oscar – and hopes his new bub will be close to her cousin.

“Karl and Peter joke about having a baby cousin each for play dates!” the source tells New Idea.

“Sylvia and Jasmine are now on speed dial, swapping pregnancy and newborn advice as a new young mum and mum-to-be.

“They have been on baby clothes and furniture shopping trips and Sylvia has already promised to hand over the newborn outfits when Oscar outgrows them.”

Karl and Peter are also swapping advice and are said have each other’s backs as they raise their young children.

The insider reveals: “As we know, Karl and Pete are on speed dial and talk two or three times a day.

“Karl has been there for Pete 100 per cent, from the courtship to marriage to becoming a dad.”

In February, Karl confirmed he and Jasmine were having a girl, telling 9Honey he “can’t wait to meet his little princess”.

And even though he raised three children with his ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn – Jackson, 20, Ava, 14, and River, 13 – the breakfast show host is reportedly ecstatic at the prospect of a newborn baby to add to the mix.

His early morning hours on the Nine Network breakfast show also mean Karl will be around to care for his newborn and to help around the house.

“Karl can’t wait to be a new dad, plus, he

says to colleagues, the hours he works will be perfect to help out his wife as he will be up at 3am and home by 11am. The newborn will be his new Today show alarm clock!” the source adds.

“Jasmine and Karl were secretly telling friends they wanted a baby girl, so they’re really happy. Despite the break-up with Cassie, he has always loved being a dad and still does. He is already doting on mum-to-be Jasmine, spoiling her and doing as much as he can to support her leading up to the birth.”

His devotion to his wife and soon-to-be mother of his child is evident in Karl’s social media snaps, with sweet tributes posted to the 36-yearold.

“You are such a light. A great big beautiful happy unwavering light. I’m so grateful,” Karl wrote on Instagram for his wife’s birthday.

Sources say the pressure of his divorce from Cass has made Karl an even better and more attentive father to his kids.

“He is very attentive with his teenage kids, especially helping them through the split, which wasn’t easy for the older boys,” the insider says.

“One mate even joked: ‘As an ex-husband, he makes a great loving father!’”

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It’s almost time for their baby.
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