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Was Diana pregnant when she died? Joan, who was in contact with the princess up until three weeks before her death, says it could well have been a possibilit­y if her dreams were anything to go by.

“She did have this dream quite a lot and it was a dream where there’s someone dark standing beside your bed,” Joan says.

“I said to her, ‘Ma’am, you’re having this dream a lot and it could mean you need to lean on the stronger side of yourself.’

“But it could also mean you are pregnant. And she just nearly fell off the couch when I told her that!”

Although it didn’t come to fruition, Joan says it wouldn’t have surprised her if Diana wanted to give Wills and Harry a younger sibling.

“[S]he was in love with Charles, she wanted to have a lot more children with him,” Joan says. “She told me she’d loved to have had a big family, and in an ideal world she would have continued on with Charles. She was ready to do that. But Charles obviously wasn’t.”

Indeed, it’s thought Diana “dreamed of having a daughter” and believed another child could save her failing marriage.

“Even in the darkest moments of their bitter marriage break-up, she allowed herself to dream that if only she and Charles could have a third child – girl or boy – their marriage might have been saved,” wrote the Mail Online.

Diana’s desire to become a mother of three was cut short in 1997 when she and her then-boyfriend Dodi Fayed were killed in a car crash. Fayed’s father,

Mohamed Al-fayed, not only claimed his son was going to propose to Diana but that she was pregnant with his child at the time of their deaths.

He alleged that the royal family plotted to kill Diana because they “could not accept that an Egyptian Muslim could eventually be the stepfather of the future king of England”.

Moreover, in the weeks leading up to the tragic accident there were rumours Diana was expecting a baby – she had told friends she had a “big surprise”.

While Joan admits that Diana “didn’t mind the [pregnancy] rumours, because she thought they were ridiculous”, she is uncertain about whether Diana would have continued to grow her family with Dodi as the father. “I don’t know if she would have had a baby with Dodi,” Joan says. “She did talk about going to live in America with Dodi, [so] who knows.”

Later, in 2003, a French police source told The Independen­t that Diana was in fact pregnant at the time of her death but that there had been a “cover-up of sorts”.

But in 2019, Professor Angela Gallop – author of When the Dogs Don’t Bark: A Forensic Scientist’s Search for the Truth – explained that her team carried out several tests to determine whether Diana was pregnant. The results were negative.

 ??  ?? In 1997, Princess Diana began dating Dodi Fayed.
In 1997, Princess Diana began dating Dodi Fayed.

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