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Summer strands can be left looking a little dry, damaged and lacklustre when it comes to colour and condition. With winter well and truly on the horizon, now is the time to get hair in top shape in time for the heating tool season ahead. Celebrity hairstylis­ts Kevin Murphy, and Joey Scandizzo of ELEVEN Australia, help crack the code to perfect mane maintenanc­e this winter with some easy steps.


According to Scandizzo, prevention is the key to healthy hair. Try a super-hydrating shampoo and conditione­r early on next summer to help give hair a fighting chance. Post-summer, he says, your best option is a trim. A fresh cut will eliminate split ends and help hair to appear thicker and healthier.

“A leave-in conditione­r is also really important to hydrate and protect hair around the clock but particular­ly after summer when your hair has been exposed to UV rays, salty water or chlorine as this gives it the best chance of staying smooth and silky in between washes,” says Joey, who suggests ELEVEN Australia’s Miracle Hair Treatment.


“Dry and damaged hair lacks moisture, so the best way to repair this is by using a product with a built in ‘plex’ to repair the bonds that have been broken by injecting the hair follicle with a boost of protein,” says Joey, who recommends trying ELEVEN’S Repair My Hair Nourishing Shampoo and Conditione­r. “It’s like a big green protein shake for your hair. The amino acids found in quinoa repair damage to the hair shaft while its proteins coat, strengthen and protect the hair aiding in growth and preventing breakage while aloe vera conditions the scalp.”


“A lot of people don’t realise how important it is to have a healthy scalp if you want to have healthy hair,” says Joey. Start with the basics, which is as simple as brushing your scalp in order to get the blood to the top to stimulate hair growth and move the oils down the hair shaft so it doesn’t suffocate or clog the follicle. Along with this, Joey advises you add proteins to your hair as well as moisture. “If your hair is depleted of proteins and extremely dry, moisture alone won’t have anything to hold on to so it will wash right out,” he says.


With all the modern products on offer, like dry shampoo for example, people are finding that they may not need to wash their hair as often as they once did, which, according to Kevin, is where the problems are starting to arise. “There was a time where people washed their hair every day and now women are stretching out their time in between washes which can lead to scalp issues.” He further explains that the physical signs of poor scalp health are generally either a dry scalp or an oily scalp. Other signs include a tight scalp, limp hair, broken hair and fragile hair.

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