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Lukas, tell us about your mum …

Mum was an actor herself back in the day – now she writes young adult fiction – but she never pushed me into acting. She’s always really supported me in everything I’ve done and is now an avid watcher of Home and Away! I’m currently at home with her and the family in the Blue Mountains – no better place to be!

What’s the most important life lesson your mother has taught you?

To think first and speak later. Mum is a very contemplat­ive person and I think that’s rubbed off on me. I like to take the world in before I make my opinions vocal. I think it’s a good way to navigate your way through the world.

What’s your favourite Mother’s Day tradition?

I usually try to get my mum’s favourite chocolates from her favourite chocolate shop in the Blue Mountains. Maybe this year, she’ll get a little delivery, but we’ll certainly try to make it as special as possible.

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