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DR AB­BIE CLOHERTY, AN EX­PERT IN COS­METIC ACUPUNC­TURE, TRAINED IN CHI­NESE MEDICINE, FOUNDER OF THE ZHONG CEN­TRE IN MEL­BOURNE “Ac­cord­ing to Chi­nese Medicine the ‘stomach system’ and di­ges­tion en­ergy is like a soup; so any­thing that we put in our mouth that then re­quires heat­ing up or break­ing down makes us tired, as the body is us­ing en­ergy to warm and di­gest foods in­stead of re­pair­ing our body and help­ing with clear think­ing. A gen­eral rule of thumb is not to in­gest any­thing that is cooler than your body tem­per­a­ture. Easy to di­gest foods like tea and bone broth give more qi (en­ergy) and vi­tal­ity for the rest of your body and brain.”

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