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It’s etched into royal folklore that the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret may have shared a steamy fling with Mick Jagger. But an insider makes the sensationa­l claim to New Idea that she wasn’t the only royal who was captivated by the charismati­c Rolling Stones frontman – and suggests Princess Diana had her own crush on the now 77-year-old.

“She was quite flirty with Mick when their paths crossed after she split up from Prince Charles,” says a source. “Of course, Charles heard about it and absolutely hated it. He already had a healthy disdain for Mick after what he’d heard about Margaret, so the last thing he wanted was for his ex-wife to get cosy with him too.”

The source adds: “Diana denied anything happened with Mick. Maybe she was telling the truth, but Charles rarely believed a word she said – given both of their extra-marital affairs over the years.

“It didn’t do much for

Diana’s case that Charles suspected she had a thing for musicians and was already convinced she was sleeping with Eric Clapton,” the insider continues. “Word is, in Charles’ mind, Diana and Mick did hook up and no-one has been able to tell him otherwise.”

It was presumed that Meghan Markle’s acting days were well and truly behind her once she married into royalty. However, the Sussexes recent move to just outside Los Angeles has ignited whispers that the former star is planning to resurrect her acting career – and it could be highly lucrative. If the Duchess of Sussex were to return to the screen, a Hollywood industry expert predicts she could net a massive pay cheque is ready for Rachel Zane to return. for her first part alone.

“Whatever role she does, everyone is going to want to see her,” explains Intertalen­t chairman, Professor Jonathan Shalit. “We are talking a $50 million fee – people are going to be fascinated to see her perform at the very start.

“I think her pulling power both in America and on a global scale is phenomenal.”

Professor Shalit also believes Meghan, 39, should strongly consider a comeback on

– the show that made her a household name before she met Prince Harry. The actress played the role of Rachel Zane between 2011 and 2018.

“If she goes back to it would be the biggest TV series in the world,” Professor Shalit predicts.

 ??  ?? Was Diana under the singer’s spell too?
Was Diana under the singer’s spell too?
 ??  ?? Princess Margaret and Mick in 1976.
Princess Margaret and Mick in 1976.

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