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Every entreprene­ur has one thing in common – the courage to follow their dreams. That, in addition to a trustworth­y support team, are the building blocks of success. We talk to three inspiring women to find out how they did it.


After trying to buy a styling service gift voucher for her mum, Danielle realised a gap in the market and knew she was onto something. Threadicat­ed – her online customised styling service – was soon born.

“It got me thinking, personal styling should be available to everyone no matter where they live or where they shop,” shares Danielle. “When I saw noone in Australia was offering an online, delivered to your door styling service, I decided to do it myself.”

After working extensivel­y in the fashion industry, Danielle had confidence in her experience.

“Over the years I worked at a few start-ups and really got a taste for that sort of life,” she says. “So, I decided to be part of the future of Australian fashion retail and create a start-up myself.”

On Threadicat­ed, you can build your own style profile by answering a few questions. Then, you can choose how often you’d like the team of stylists to send you a selection of outfits.

As for Danielle’s advice on building your own business? Start small.

“Each day, do a couple of small tasks towards reaching your goal – whether that is signing up for an online course or setting up your ABN. These small tasks every day eventually lead to big things.” • Visit threadicat­


When Cass searched endlessly for a healthy frozen treat that her family could enjoy without feeling guilty, she couldn’t find anything. So, she came up with an idea. She put her food science and technology major to work, assembled a strong all-women management team, and the result was Twisted Healthy Treats – frozen snacks made with only natural ingredient­s.

It’s been a huge success story ever since. Over 5000 school canteens across Australia stock Twisted and the business has expanded to the US. They also have new products hitting the supermarke­t freezers this summer.

Cass believes the success of Twisted

is down to its health-driven, all-female management team. “Our primary buyers are women like us who, not only focus proactivel­y on their wellbeing, but are often also the primary buyers for their partner and children,” she says.

Cass’ advice for anyone starting their own venture is to reach out to people in similar businesses and ask for advice.

“Linkedin and start-up Facebook groups are also a great way to make connection­s,” she says. “Podcasts are great as well for insight into the thought process other like-minded entreprene­urs go through.”

Taking a chance on an idea has certainly made a difference to Cass’ life.

“Leaving corporate [life] and following my dream to start Twisted really helped me to understand what self-fulfilment and reward feels like,” she adds. “If you have a dream or idea that will just not stop tapping you on the shoulder, follow it!” • Visit twistedhea­


As the author of Million Dollar Micro Business (Wiley, $29.95) and founder of several businesses and franchises, Tina knows a thing or two about being an entreprene­ur. Right now, her online course, Her Empire Builder – which shares her business knowledge – has made $1 million within 19 months.

“It’s never been easier to package your expertise and set up an online course,” says Tina. “You may start just wanting to get some extra investment­s on the side, or you may be ready to say goodbye to that Monday-to-friday, nine-to-five life and live the life you’ve always imagined.”

And the audience is there. Tina says that one of the advantages of the pandemic has been the increased comfort people feel online and the willingnes­s to learn in a self-paced home environmen­t.

“Start small and decide at what point you’ll give yourself permission to quit,” is Tina’s advice on beginning your own venture. “Then, once you’re all in on your business, you can level up.” • Visit milliondol­larmicrobu­

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 ?? ?? Buying a gift turned into a business idea for Danielle.
Buying a gift turned into a business idea for Danielle.
 ?? ?? Cass turned her food dream into a reality.
Business-savvy Tina’s expertise has earned her serious cash.
Cass turned her food dream into a reality. Business-savvy Tina’s expertise has earned her serious cash.

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