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- By Emma Levett

Anna Bey holidays around the world, eats at the best highend restaurant­s, wears expensive clothes and mingles with the rich and influentia­l. It’s a lifestyle she’s worked hard for – and one she’s now sharing with other women through her online finishing school.

“I didn’t come from a wealthy background,” Anna, 35, tells New Idea. “I grew up with parents who had regular jobs.

I only got a taste for the finer things in life when I was 19 and travelled to Rome on a student loan to study Italian.”

It was there Anna met an affluent boyfriend who introduced her to luxurious parties and high-calibre members of Rome’s society.

“I felt like I was in a movie,” Anna, who is now based in Geneva, Switzerlan­d, laughs.

“I’d been wearing a Zara dress and the other women at parties would be wearing fine jewellery and know what to do and say.

“I’d be very panicky, but

I tried my best and got by. I met other women who were the same as me and I always wondered how they got there, too.”

When Anna’s relationsh­ip ended, she yearned for her exciting new life to continue.

“I wanted a full transforma­tion – a personal upgrade so I could fit in,” she says. “I started by visiting the most exclusive parts of the countries I travelled to, observing the women, what they wore and their mannerisms.”

She next travelled to Malta and Ibiza, and worked in celebrity-filled clubs to view the rich from a different angle. She saw what to wear and what not to, and then gradually she started moving in wealthy circles more naturally.

In 2016, Anna met her now-husband, who cemented her place in the upper echelons of society.

“I always wanted a partner who could provide a loving relationsh­ip, but also enjoyed a certain lifestyle. True love is important, but I also prioritise­d living comfortabl­y.

“My journey took a long time and I made mistakes along the way, but I figured it out. It would have been far quicker if I’d had help and it made me realise I had a story I could share for other women like me.”

In 2018 Anna started her online finishing school, the School of Affluence. Her flagship course, Secrets of the Elite Woman, is a six-module programme described as a lifestyle transforma­tion including mindset, self-worth, personal branding and style, grooming and networking.

“My students come from everywhere: the UK, Australia, Europe, but mainly the United States,” Anna says. “The primary type isn’t after an affluent man, they just enjoy the finer things and want to feel more confident and elegant as women.”

As well as her school, Anna has her popular Youtube channel where her 1 millionplu­s subscriber­s can learn ‘5 Ways You Can Be Irresistib­le When You Look Like A


Plain Jane’ and ‘10 Tips To Look Effortless­ly Expensive & Put Together’.

“Nobody was talking about elegance when I started in 2012. It’s still a taboo topic,” Anna says. And to her critics who might suggest her form of education is outdated and sexist, she has all the answers.

“It’s very restrictiv­e to say women can’t want to be elegant. It’s the opposite of feminism to say women can’t do what they want to do,” she says.

It clearly makes Anna happy and she says her transforma­tion means she’s reached her goals.

“I have a successful life, a wonderful husband and I enjoy travelling a lot. There’s not a lot more I could wish for but, having said that, I’m excited about the projects I’m working on now,” she adds. “Keep your eyes on my channel to see what’s coming up!”

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 ?? ?? Anna Bey and her husband (left) enjoy the finer things in life.
Anna Bey and her husband (left) enjoy the finer things in life.
 ?? ?? Anna runs an online finishing school for women who want to be more ‘elegant’.
Anna runs an online finishing school for women who want to be more ‘elegant’.
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