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Delcado avocados are back on the shelves – tastier, fresher and, best of all, grown in Australia by the Delroy family. These avocados spend 12 to 16 months maturing on the trees – almost double the time of most Aussie avocados. Their unique, richer and creamier, almost nutty flavour is worth every mouthful. Nothing tastes quite like them.

Five reasons to try Delcado avocados • Slow-grown for a better taste • All-aussie avos from

Western Australia

• X-ray checked, passing the toughest scrutiny to become Delcados

• The fresher the better – from orchard to the shop

• Guaranteed to be better Delcados avocados are available nationally in supermarke­ts and leading greengroce­rs – simply look for the Delcado sticker. For more informatio­n, visit

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