New Idea



Read the clues and place a tick in an intersecti­ng box if you have any positive informatio­n and use a cross if you have any definite negative informatio­n. For example, you learn Albert caught someone out with a whoopee cushion, so we have placed some ticks and crosses in the grid to help you along. Using this method, you should be able to fill in the smaller grid.


1 Albert snuck a whoopee cushion onto a woman’s chair at the family dining table.

2 Cyrus pretended to be the school principal on the phone. 3 Belinda’s joke was at the expense of her cousin. 4 A man found a fake lottery ticket created by his daughter. 5 Elyse stuck a classmate’s pencil-case to her desk. 6 An uncle’s child was embarrased to find their shoelaces tied together.

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