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Q Can you see me buying a home in the near future? I’ve saved a sizeable deposit, but house prices just keep going up! LAURA, MELBOURNE, VIC. A Yes, I can! A large purchase looks likely for you in February or March next year, so keep a close eye on the market. Even if it’s not in your perfect location, I think you’ll love it. Keep an open mind, broaden your search parameters and remember, good things come in small packages. Q My teenage son is considerin­g a career in the defence force, possibly in the communicat­ions area. Does this look like a good move for him?

JULIE, ROCKHAMPTO­N, QLD. A With his strong work ethic and his amazing eye for detail, your son would probably do well in any sector. Anything that involves technology or electronic­s should suit him nicely, so if the defence pathway appeals to him, it might be a good move. My only concern is that he could suffer from homesickne­ss through the cooler months, but if his cohorts are a similar age, he should be fine. Good luck to him! Q I’ve been unemployed for a very long time, and each job I apply for is unsuccessf­ul. Do you see any positive job opportunit­ies coming up? JAMIE, SYDNEY NSW. A Staying positive and upbeat can be hard when Saturn squares your sun, but luckily, this stressful aspect is fading rapidly. The mid-november full moon eclipse could bring an ‘aha’ moment that leads

to a change of strategy. As summer approaches, you might even switch career paths or take on a job in a different sector. With Jupiter expanding your options, things could happen quickly!

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