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Q I didn’t get to tell my mother that I loved her when she died. Does she know I love her more than life itself? Will we be reunited when I pass? – LESLEY


Your mother Margaret is telling me that she loves you more than you ever know, but she wants to confirm that this is your time to live and to follow your dreams. She worries that her health issues held you back from fulfilling your dreams.

Mum totally understand­s and knows how much you love her. She is smiling and wants me to ask you, did you know how much she loves you too? Your mother is the most unselfish being and all she wants you to know is that she is always by your side, but she also wants you to live your best life.

I can see that since your mum’s passing, you really question what and where home is, as she was that for you. I see you going to Japan. I feel that this is a past life experience for you and I see that you will find the peace you have been looking for. I see you transformi­ng into a monk and

I see that these memories will come flooding back to you when you get there. They will remind you of your former life.

I question if when you go to Japan that you will work as an interprete­r in some form, as I can see that there will big decisions about whether you will stay in Japan or come back to Australia.

Mum wants you to finally think of yourself first. She understand­s that this is a difficult task for you to undertake as you are such an old soul and a giving person. She is saying that some family members will put demands on you, but you need to let this go as they will always have their hands out and they don’t ever think of your own personal hopes and dreams.

Your mum wants you to know that she is with you through life and she will meet you when it is your time to go. Stop worrying about the times when you will meet again as she is still currently by your side while you are alive. She has a very cheeky smile on her face and she is telling me that you can’t get rid of her that easily.

Remember, love never dies and those we love will be with us forever.

Q I have been a widow now for over three years. A few weeks before my husband, Trevor, died, he told me he was sorry about everything, and then he cried. The problem is, Trevor had said he was sorry to me so many times during our 55 years of marriage that I took it with a grain of salt, and he always went back on his word within two weeks or a month. What I want to know is, was Trevor really sorry just before he died and what was he actually sorry about? I want to know so I can forgive him for all the pain he caused me and I can finally be

at peace. – CAROLE

A Your husband, Trevor, is with me loud and clear. He is standing before me with his head down and is telling me he is not proud of his actions. He is saying that when he was alive, he was arrogant and condescend­ing towards you, and he didn’t give you the credit that you deserved.

He is telling me that you had “gut feelings and knowings” that he always dismissed but wants to finally let you know that you were right. He was frightened of your gifts because he wondered how you always knew what he was up to and how correct you were.

I can see that he was a man’s man who could be flirtatiou­s and he wanted undivided attention from the females around him.

He is telling me that you are such an amazing woman who put up with so much that he now wants you to be the best you can be.

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