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Peter Zivkovic was only 19 years old when he teamed up with local film director, Geoff Murphy, to act as the main stunt driver for Goodbye Porkpie. Murphy probably selected Peter for the job knowing that the teenager had been racing hotted-up Minis since he was just 16. However, due to budgetary concerns Peter didn’t handle all the stunt driving on the film himself — indeed, it was Murphy who drove one of the Holden police cars into a Westport lake. Three Minis and three Holdens were used during filming of Goodbye Porkpie — the Minis being supplied by the New Zealand Motor Corporatio­n (NZMC). One car was a total freebie, while the other two were sold to the film-makers at $4000 each. Despite the beating the cars took during the making of the film, one of the Minis survived, and is now held as part of the New Zealand Film Archive’s collection in Wellington.

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