New Zealand Classic Car



Shaun and Rita, Wow wow wow! What a beauty. It’s a stunning body style, and the colors look amazing on it. Its journey from new, being sold at Amon in Perth Amboy NJ to sitting with a bent and stuck valve for 25-plus years in a storage yard, to me finding it on a lawn and barely limping home with it. It caught on fire and I had to use my shirt to extinguish it! A donor 1957 Buick Special gave it a new exhaust, a friend and I gave it new valves, and all the usual brakes and hoses, radiator, and more. To see it brought to this level is inspiratio­nal to say the least. I was just having a conversati­on, literally last weekend, with a friend and car enthusiast about this car. We all had a car that was special in some way and for some reason. The one we think back on and say — I should’ve kept that one, or, I miss that one … and for me it was this Buick. There was just something about it I loved, and still do. Having said that, seeing the Buick transform over the years and finally in this condition makes me more than happy. I don’t want it back, and I’m not sorry for selling it. I can look at it now, the new car and new life, and almost cry tears of joy! It went to the right place. You’ve taken that machine to a level no one here would or could have. So to see this finished product is more than I could’ve ever hoped it to be. Well done! My goodness, is that thing beautiful! Hope this finds you all in good health and happiness. Regards Michael Plant

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