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Missing Star Wars Toyota Celica GT


We love a good yarn, and when it comes to something as iconic as Star Wars, we had to take a quick look into it. As the story goes, back in 1977 — when a little film called Star Wars was released — the company producing it, 20th Century Fox, joined forces (see what we did there) with Toyota to customize and give away a ’77 Star Wars Toyota Celica GT. The GT was a grand prize in a Star Wars Space Fantasy Sweepstake, but oddly, there’s scarce informatio­n surroundin­g the sweepstake’s origins, and the car has only been spotted once since it was allegedly delivered to the winner. Conspiracy theorists suggest that when the owner of Delphi was convicted of smuggling hash oil, while one employee was kidnapped and another, Steve Bovan, was murdered, the Celica got caught up in the mess and was actually never delivered to the winner … Read more about the still missing Toyota by searching ‘Star Wars Toyota’ at themotorho­

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