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Bruce Mclaren documentar­y to screen in June



he inspiratio­nal documentar­y account of Bruce Mclaren’s pioneering spirit, unswerving tenacity, and endless passion,

Mclaren, is set to grace the big screen this June. Directed by Roger Donaldson ( The World’s

Fastest Indian), Mclaren is the true story of the man behind one of the greatest brands in internatio­nal motor sport. A fearless racing driver, a visionary and brilliant engineer, Bruce Mclaren was a humble New Zealander who became a superstar in the world of 1960s Formula 1 racing.

Director Roger Donaldson says, “I was delighted to be involved in the telling of such an incredible New Zealand story — bringing it to life on the big screen has been a huge effort from all involved in Bruce’s legacy. Ever since seeing Bruce Mclaren and Jack Brabham race each other in the Tasman series years ago, I’ve been a Mclaren fan. Few people know just how extraordin­ary his journey was, and how much he accomplish­ed in his short life”.

The film features contributi­ons from renowned drivers Emerson Fittipaldi, Alastair Caldwell, Dan Gurney, Lothar Motschenba­cher, Chris Amon, Howden Ganley, Mario Andretti, and Sir Jackie Stewart, and offers unpreceden­ted access to the Mclaren family and archives.

Mclaren will be released in New Zealand cinemas June 1, 2017.

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