New Zealand Classic Car

Caffeine & Classics

Smales Farm, Takapuna


When the first Caffeine & Classics event kicked off four years ago, you can be sure that Protecta Insurance, the team behind the event, would never have predicted it to become as big as it has. It seems the formula of a late start and a ‘come and go as you please’ philosophy has been a successful one that’s gained a huge following. The event has now cemented itself as the largest monthly car meet in the country, held on the last Sunday of each month at Smales Farm, Takapuna, Auckland — the next one being May 28. It’s certainly not uncommon for Caffeine & Classics to have in excess of 500 cars in attendance, and it is guaranteed to be a good outing if you’re into caffeinate­d beverages and staring at amazing pieces of tin.

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