New Zealand Classic Car - - Finale -

This 1982 Porsche 2.5-litre 944 was im­ported into New Zealand from the UK in the early ’80s, hav­ing been used as a daily-driver and suf­fer­ing a very hard life. This car is un­usual be­cause it did not have a sun­roof spec­i­fied when it was orig­i­nally or­dered from the fac­tory. In 2012, the 944 was taken off the road and con­verted into a race car but left road le­gal. The owner com­peted at one race meet­ing be­fore putting the ve­hi­cle up for sale. The cur­rent own­ers needed an­other ve­hi­cle for Targa, as their Targa car had been con­verted for clas­sic rac­ing. The 944 was fully re­fur­bished and is now re­s­plen­dent in the Roth­mans liv­ery as run by the Porsche fac­tory in the ’80s. It can usu­ally be found es­cort­ing the Targa tour but, when re­quired, cov­ers for the 00 and 0 cars, which is a com­mon oc­cur­rence. Targa New Zealand in the South Is­land will be the 944’s 10th Targa

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