Speed cam­eras im­por­tant


I’M not sure I agree with the LNP’s rea­son­ing be­hind abol­ish­ing covert speed cam­eras.

New deputy leader Tim Man­der says they are cash cows and, to change be­hav­iours on our roads, we must ed­u­cate driv­ers and make sure they are aware of the road rules.

What the?

Even the dumbest of driv­ers should have a grasp of the road rules – it’s what you learn when you get a li­cence.

I for one hate speed cam­eras, I get caught by them reg­u­larly, but the truth of the mat­ter is they make me slow down.

I’m al­ways wary of where they might be.

Yes, they are cash cows but they are also an im­por­tant part of road safety. If gov­ern­ments were se­ri­ous, they would lower the fine and in­crease the num­ber of points lost when caught. Not hav­ing a li­cence is the big­gest de­ter­rent of all.

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