1. Chicago is known as the birth­place of the (a) com­puter (b) sky­scraper (c) tele­phone?

2. Last year, which Aus­tralian depart­ment store giant re­ported a net loss of

$486 mil­lion?

3. How many days are in 2019?

4. Last year, in her mem­oir Small Fry, the daugh­ter of which late Ap­ple chief re­vealed that her fa­ther, on his deathbed in 2011, apol­o­gised for sub­ject­ing her to a life­time of cru­elty?

5. Which ten­nis grand slam tour­na­ment be­gins in Mel­bourne on Mon­day?

6. The as­tro­log­i­cal year will be­gin on March 21 un­der which star sign?

7. Which par­lia­ment rep­re­sents the world’s sec­ond-largest demo­cratic elec­torate?

8. Which MasterChef judge’s re­cent wed­ding at an ex­clu­sive Greek re­sort over­look­ing the sea in­cluded cel­e­bra­tions last­ing for three days and nights and an all-day beach party?

9. “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known. Don’t know where it goes,” are lyrics from which song?

10. Jana Pittman com­peted in bob­sleigh in the Win­ter Olympics and which event in the Sum­mer Olympics?

11. In 1986, Par­ra­matta beat which other team 4-2 in a try­less NSWRL grand fi­nal?

12. “Paciic” was the mis­spelling of a word in which air­line’s name that ap­peared on one of its planes last year?

13. Dairy farm­ers Toad Hef­fer­nan and Mandy Stone were $355,000 richer af­ter winning the 2018 grand fi­nal of which TV home ren­o­va­tion show?

14. Last year, which Bri­tish for­eign sec­re­tary (since re­signed) was re­port­edly jug­gling Brexit talks with se­cret trysts with a Tory Party aide?

15. Rizzo, the Mup­pet char­ac­ter, was a (a) cat (b) dog (c) rat?

16. Wilkes Land, a large area of land in Antarc­tica, is claimed by which coun­try?

17. The given name of which Aus­tralian gov­er­nor-gen­eral be­gan with “Z”?

18. Glenn Quag­mire is a char­ac­ter in which an­i­mated TV show?

19. Which Aus­tralian desert is on the Tropic of Capricorn be­tween Lake Dis­ap­point­ment and Lake Mac­don­ald?

20. In which ath­let­ics event in 2014 did Re­naud Lav­il­le­nie break Sergey Bubka’s world record set over 20 years pre­vi­ously?

21. What is the sum of the post-nom­i­nal num­bers of the six most-re­cently elected popes?

22. “It Ain’t Ogre... Til It’s Ogre” was the tagline for which 2010 movie?

23. On the Cult of Per­son­al­ity and Its Con­se­quences was a “shock­ing” speech in 1956 , dur­ing which some au­di­ence mem­bers re­port­edly had heart at­tacks and oth­ers later sui­cided. Which Soviet leader made it?

24. The “Pa­cific Ber­muda Tri­an­gle” is a re­gion known as which sea about 100km south of Tokyo? AN­SWERS

1. (b) sky­scraper. 2. Myer. 3. 365 days.

4. Steve Jobs (Lisa). 5. Aus­tralian Open.

6. Aries. 7. Euro­pean Par­lia­ment. 8. Ge­orge Calom­baris. 9. Boule­vard of Bro­ken Dreams.

10. 400m hur­dles. 11. Can­ter­bury. 12. Cathay Pa­cific. 13. House Rules. 14. Boris John­son.

15. (c) rat. 16. Aus­tralia. 17. Sir Zel­man Cowen. 18. Fam­ily Guy. 19. Gib­son Desert.

20. Pole vault. 21. 48 (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Bene­dict XVI, Fran­cis zero). 22. Shrek For­ever Af­ter.

23. Nikita Khrushchev. 24. Devil’s Sea.

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