for the hol­i­day sea­son


#1 Keep mov­ing

Just be­cause you may have some ex­tra time off work, it doesn’t mean you sign off from life.

Em­brace the ex­tra time, go for a bike ride, a swim or a walk, and en­joy some fresh air and time to your­self.

If you are a mum with kids at home, like me, and won­der what on earth you could do each day, then make a plan to get ev­ery­one out of the house. Head to the beach or park and have some run­ning races, do more stretches, or kill time with lunges, squats and push-ups while the chil­dren play. #2 Drink wisely

If you are par­tial to a fes­tive drink or three, then help your­self and let your health be some part of the equa­tion before you grab what­ever is be­ing of­fered.

Drink a small glass of wa­ter in be­tween each drink to re­hy­drate. If this will spoil your fes­tive vibes, then per­haps a sparkling min­eral wa­ter or soda wa­ter with a wedge of fresh lime.

Try and drink your wines, ciders and gin­ger beers with ice as you will end up drink­ing less al­co­hol and con­sume a lit­tle more wa­ter.

If you end up com­pletely overindulg­ing, then before you go to bed or first thing in the morn­ing when you wake up, drink lots of wa­ter and flood your body with won­der­ful an­tiox­i­dants from good, whole­some foods.

#3 Eat nourishing foods

Com­mon sense isn’t it, but golly gosh it can be hard dur­ing the fes­tive sea­son. My trick is to al­ways fill your plates with the most nourishing foods first. So pick the greens, veg­gies, meats, eggs and nuts before the breads, potato bakes, deep fried foods and so on.

The more good food you eat when you are hun­gry, the less room you will have to fill up on the food that con­tains very lit­tle nu­tri­tional value - in­clud­ing desserts.

Check out my bliss balls recipe on page 19 for a healthy, deca­dent treat.

Founder of Noosa-based busi­ness Mumma O, Odette Burns helps ev­ery­day fam­i­lies make bet­ter choices about their health and life­style with home made, re­fined sugar-free healthy snacks, es­sen­tial oils and recipe e-books.

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