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DON Jarvis likens NutriSoil to a “bi­o­log­i­cal stim­u­lant”, rather than a nat­u­ral fer­tiliser.

An or­ganic dairy farmer by trade, Don has been us­ing the liq­uid prod­uct for more than 10 years – and has seen his pad­docks dra­mat­i­cally im­prove in that time.

NutriSoil is a con­cen­trated, broad spec­trum liq­uid plant food pro­duced from a unique ver­mi­cul­ture (worm) re­cy­cling sys­tem.

“It’s cer­ti­fied or­ganic – but it wasn’t when we first started us­ing it; but even then, it was classed as an al­low­able in­put,” Don said.

Don runs a 200 cow dairy out of Tooma, and has al­ways been in­clined to­wards nat­u­ral farm­ing - but when dairy dereg­u­la­tion saw him lose his Syd­ney milk quo­tas, he knew the time was right to move to be­ing cer­ti­fied or­ganic.

“A lit­tle or­ganic dairy fac­tory opened up in Cor­ry­ong at the same time – of­fer­ing a lot bet­ter price than Mur­ray Goul­burn, and that’s when we ac­tu­ally went cer­ti­fied,” Don said.

NutriSoil is now Don’s spray of choice – spread­ing 3-4 litres/hectare twice a year.

Com­bined with other or­ganic prod­ucts, Don has been able to stop us­ing all solid fer­tiliser forms, and no longer needs to spread lime.

“If you want to get off the chem­i­cal band­wagon – and ap­ply nat­u­ral fer­tilis­ers – then NutriSoil is ideal,” Don said.

NutriSoil is the brain­child of Gra­ham Maddock, and was started in the mid-1990s when the fam­ily set up a pri­vate ver­mi­cul­ture sys­tem at their prop­erty out of Al­bury.

Feed­ing the worms with ma­nure, straw and a sea­wood/fish emul­sion mix, the prod­uct quickly proved to be an ef­fec­tive bi­o­log­i­cal agent when sprayed in the pad­dock.

“It is a fer­tiliser in its own right - and has been the only form of fer­tiliser used on our prop­erty for many years now,” Gra­ham said.

Gra­ham has now semi- re­tired from the busi­ness, hand­ing the reins to the next gen­er­a­tion: daugh­ter Rachelle Arm­strong with her hus­band, Justin, son Darren Maddock and wife Nakala, and Mattia Ringe.

In 2016, NutriSoil won the Aus­tralian Or­gan­ics Best Cer­ti­fied Prod­uct of the Year (non-food).

In 2017, they were also awarded a sil­ver medal for Aus­tralian Eth­i­cal En­ter­prises by Moral Fair­ground.

Next month, on June 28, NutriSoil will throw open the doors dur­ing their open day, with guest speak­ers, tours and spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tions run­ning through­out the event.

For more in­for­ma­tion on the open day, or how to or­der your free NutriSoil sam­ple, or to see just how the prod­uct is made go to www.nutrisoil.

FAM­ILY TIES: NutriSoil are help­ing to change the way farm­ers get the most out of the pas­ture. Pic­tured (from left) are Mattia Ringe, Lyn Maddock, Darren Maddock, Justin Arm­strong, founder Gra­ham Maddock and front is Nakala and Rachelle Maddock.

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