Aus­tralian Whites on Judy’s farm

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CURRUMBENE is a small 130 acre farm lo­cated at Mark­wood, near Mi­lawa in North East Vic­to­ria.

The prop­erty was pur­chased by Judy Rooney 12 years ago.

The farm was orig­i­nally stocked with Dor­per sheep, which at the time were show­ing great prom­ise as be­ing a breed for the small hobby farmer.

It is now run with the help of Richard Boa­dle.

“After many years of per­se­ver­ance, we found there were too many prob­lems which and started look­ing for a hardier breed which suited our area of Aus­tralia,” Judy said.

“The an­swer we found at pres­sive new breed was on dis­play.

“It caught our eye and cer­tainly seemed to of­fer ev­ery­thing we were look­ing for in an an­i­mal to re­place the Dor­pers.”

Be­ing on a small prop­erty, Judy and Richard needed sheep that were quiet to han­dle, that shed - few small prop­er­ties have shear­ing fa­cil­i­ties - that grew quickly be­tween lamb­ing and had good strong feet to cope with the of­ten, although not this sea­son, wet and boggy con­di­tions.

tion stud Tat­ty­keel at Oberon in NSW,” Judy said.

“We now have 70 stud ewes and four stud rams - and this year we have ex­panded to run­ning a com­mer­cial flock.

“We are very pleased with the young­sters we have bred in the last two years and hope to be able to sup­ply qual­ity an­i­mals for oth­ers who wish to change breeds for prime lamb sires or es­tab­lish a new

The Aus­tralian White sheep was de­vel­oped over 15 years ago, orig­i­nally from the best ge­net­ics of the Texel, Dor­per, Poll Dorset and Van Rooy breeds.

Currumbene has con­tin­ued to pur­chase top ewes from Tat­ty­keel and Cam­den Val­ley Stud since it be­gan.

This year, the ram lambs were weaned at 12 weeks of age with weights rang­ing from 35 to 54kg.

Aus­tralian Whites have ex­celled in hoof and car­cass com­pe­ti­tions across the coun­try, and have been named the Wagyu of the sheep breeds.

By ac­ci­dent, their meat is high in omega 3, which has a very low melt­ing point – 30 de­grees – re­sult­ing in moist ten­der lamb.

“The breed has more than Richard said.

“The fu­ture looks in­cred­i­bly promis­ing as more and more prime lamb farm­ers and hobby farm­ers with life­style blocks ap­pre­ci­ate the at­tributes of this breed.

“They have proven to be a very good cross with a dor­per, and have coped very well un­der the pre­vail­ing dry con­di­tions.

“Butch­ers and restau­rants are also seek­ing out the very tasty meat.”

Currumbene cur­rently have stud and com­mer­cial rams and ewes avail­able.

“We can pro­vide a pack­age of one ram and three ewes - all in lamb to a dif­fer­ent ram - for the small hobby farmer,” Richard said.

“We are more than happy to chat about the breed even if you are not ready to pur­chase.”

an in­spec­tion or dis­cuss your re­quire­ments, con­tact Richard on 0428 953 044, or by email at richard.boa­[email protected]­

LADY FARMER: Judy Rooney, in con­junc­tion with Richard Boa­dle, runs Currumbene Aus­tralian Whites at Mark­wood.

BOYS BUTTS: Aus­tralian White sheep were de­vel­oped us­ing the best ge­net­ics of the Texel, Dor­per, Poll Dorset and Van Rooy breeds.

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