Our bac­te­ria stimulant ban­ishes block­ages and re­bal­ances your sys­tem

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Sep­tics and treat­ment sys­tems de­pend on nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring healthy bac­te­ria to break down and con­sume waste. But harsh chem­i­cal clean­ers and de­ter­gents kill off healthy bac­te­ria, up­set­ting the bal­ance within your sys­tem. When your pop­u­la­tion of healthy bac­te­ria dwin­dles, the ef­fi­ciency of your sys­tem de­clines. That’s when bad smells be­gin and block­ages be­come more fre­quent. En­zymes break down waste but can­not con­sume it. Over time this waste will cre­ate block­ages. By con­trast, healthy bac­te­ria which pro­duce these en­zymes con­sume bro­ken down waste pre­vent­ing it from be­com­ing a prob­lem. Eco­care Ac­ti­va­tor re­stores and sus­tains the right bac­te­rial bal­ance within your sys­tem, lead­ing to con­tin­u­ous waste break­down and the elim­i­na­tion of odours. Feed­ing your sys­tem with Eco­care Ac­ti­va­tor will swap your sep­tic sys­tem smells for smiles!

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