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GROWING up among the stunning mountains, rivers and lavender fields in France, Mariane Riffart, a qualified massage and aromathera­py practition­er, has always known the power of plants and essential oils and their positive impact on human wellbeing.

Now, just minutes from Bright’s town centre, Mariane can be found at her brand new store ‘Botanic Alps’, formulatin­g and selling unique botanical skincare products that offer eco-friendly, cruelty-free, toxic free benefits, inspired by the spectacula­r Alpine region.

“I started with the Bright markets in September 2019 but when this building came up, I made the decision to open a store of my own,” Mariane said.

“I started preparing for the opening during the bushfires and I moved in 10 days before COVID started.

“It has been a rough start but I have had amazing local support.”

Mariane said people have turned to essential oils more during the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before.

“People are really looking at looking after themselves better right now,” she said.

“Essential oils have amazing antiviral and anti-bacterial properties so they are perfect to diffuse in a room and help with lung functions.

“People mostly use them for skin related conditions or stress related conditions like sleep issues but they also help with immunity.”

All of Mariane’s products are made onsite at her shop with most of the herbs collected from her Wandiligon­g property or other local producers.

By purchasing essential oils or a massage from Botanic Alps, locals and visitors alike can show their support for the region and Mariane, along with a number of other businesses, who have got together to create products together.

“It’s so much more authentic to be buying products made in Bright by people you probably see every day,” Mariane said.

To make your appointmen­t, call 0474 833 355 or book online https://brightbota­

 ?? PHOTO: Ashleigh Piles ?? LOCAL CHOICE: Mariane’s products are all made onsite and sourced locally.
PHOTO: Ashleigh Piles LOCAL CHOICE: Mariane’s products are all made onsite and sourced locally.

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