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1. Who won the Os­car this year for best orig­i­nal screen­play?

2. In which Olympic Games were women al­lowed to com­pete for the first time?

3. Have you ever used the ser­vices of a luthier?

4. An emer­ald wed­ding cel­e­brates how many years of mar­riage?

5. What was the com­mon fac­tor in the un­timely deaths of T. Rex lead singer Marc Bolan and Sonny Bono, of Sonny & Cher fame?

6. Not count­ing Alaska, which is the sec­ond-largest state in the US?

7. In which year were the “clip-on” lanes added to the Auck­land Har­bour Bridge?

8. Hav­ing been im­mor­talised in his fa­ther A.A. Milne’s Win­nie the Pooh sto­ries, what did the real Christo­pher Robin do in his adult life?

9. If your recipe calls for cook­ing some­thing “au gratin”, what are you re­quired to do?

10. Which New Zealand city’s air­port is lo­cated in the sub­urb of On­er­ahi?

11. Where is Lake Baikal?

12. The plain­tive line, “She’d never ride through Paris in a sports car,” is from what song?

1. Jor­dan Peele, for his first ven­ture into fea­ture films, Get Out. 2. Paris, 1900. Women had been barred from com­pet­ing from the time of the orig­i­nal games in An­cient Greece. 3. Maybe, if you’re a mu­si­cian. A luthier is a maker of stringed in­stru­ments. 4. 55 years. 5. Marc Bolan, who died in 1977 at the age of 29, was killed when the car in which he was a pas­sen­ger crashed into a tree in Lon­don; Bono died in 1998 aged 62 af­ter crash­ing into a tree while ski­ing in Cal­i­for­nia. 6. Cal­i­for­nia. Texas, at 695,662 km2, beats Cal­i­for­nia’s 423,970 km2. 7. 1969. 8. He ran a book­shop in Devon. 9. Cover your pre­pared dish with cheese and/or bread­crumbs and brown it un­der a grill. 10. Whangārei. 11. South­ern Siberia in Rus­sia. Cov­er­ing an area of nearly 32,000km2, it is one of the largest and deep­est lakes in the world. Get­ting past it was a ma­jor headache for engi­neers tasked with build­ing the fa­bled Trans-siberian rail­way. Be­fore they found a so­lu­tion, train pas­sen­gers had to take a ferry across the lake. 12. “The Bal­lad of Lucy Jor­dan”, fa­mously sung by Mar­i­anne Faith­full.

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