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1. manned What name mis­sion was to given the moon to the in first 1969?

is 2. the Tashkent, cap­i­tal on of which the fabled coun­try? Silk Road, 3. Zealand What pop­u­la­tion ur­ban area thresh­old reach to be must called a New a city? 4. Where is the is­land of Elba? 5. Which pub­lish­ing house ran with the first Harry Pot­ter book, af­ter re­jec­tions from sev­eral oth­ers? 6. Cal­cu­late 3 x 4 – 6 x 6 (3 – 4) 7. Which of New Zealand’s re­gional coun­cils cov­ers the largest land area? 8. Who played the three lead­ing roles in the rol­lick­ing 1994 Aus­tralian movie The Ad­ven­tures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert?

9. Which US pres­i­dent was in of­fice at the time of the 1930s New Deal eco­nomic ini­tia­tive?

10. The An­i­mals had a hit in 1964 with the song “The House of the Ris­ing Sun”. What is the house of the ris­ing sun?

11. The town of Paeroa is in east Waikato, but where is the Paeroa range of hills? 12. Who crowned Nigella Law­son the queen of the frozen pea?

The An­i­mals, 1967.

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