Ten Tips to Be­com­ing a Suc­cess­ful Dig­i­tal Nomad

It sounds idyl­lic, but there are traps for the un­wary, warn no­mads who have learned the hard way.

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1. THERE are sev­eral ways to be­come a dig­i­tal nomad. One is to take your cur­rent job on the road if your boss is happy for you to work re­motely; an­other is to find a job with com­pa­nies em­ploy­ing re­mote work­ers such as job­s­presso.co, we­workre­motely.com and work­ing­no­mads.co/jobs. The third – and most pop­u­lar among no­mads – is to work free­lance. 2. FREELANCING pro­vides flex­i­bil­ity and free­dom to work when, with whom and where you want. You need to iden­tify your skill, mar­ket it on­line, find clients through net­work­ing (for­mer col­leagues, past clients and other no­mads can be use­ful con­tacts) and build an in­come based on steady work. 3. FIND A NICHE and es­tab­lish your­self as an ex­pert. The best clients don’t search for generic free­lancers with generic skills. 4. TAKE TIME to build your on­line pres­ence. Set up a pro­fes­sional web­site with an on­line port­fo­lio that show­cases your skills and ex­pe­ri­ence. Join a free­lance net­work such as Up­work (up­work.com). 5. DON’T HAVE the dig­i­tal skills to take on the road? Don’t worry. In­vest in new skills that will get you work. There are sev­eral rep­utable (and some non-rep­utable) on­line cour­ses that teach skills use­ful for bud­ding no­mads. Some rec­om­mended are: Udemy (udemy. com); Skill­share (skill­share.com); Creative­live (creative­live.com) and Cours­era (cours­era.org), which has part­nered with uni­ver­si­ties and or­gan­i­sa­tions to of­fer more than 1000 free cour­ses; also Udac­ity (udac­ity.com), born out of a Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity ex­per­i­ment. Al­ter­na­tively, throw your­self into a dig­i­tal nomad hub like Chi­ang Mai and learn from those al­ready work­ing as no­mads. Or try a boot camp like Des­ti­na­tion Dev (des­ti­na­tion­dev. com) based in Medel­lín, Colom­bia, which will teach you how to code in eight weeks. 6. CHOOSE your des­ti­na­tions wisely. Cheap cost of liv­ing is use­ful; high-speed in­ter­net is es­sen­tial. Check out No­madlist (no­madlist.com) to see how coun­tries and cities rate in a range of cri­te­ria. 7. DO THE MATHS. Work out your in­come and ex­penses and al­low for sav­ings in case work dries up for a while. 8. HAVE A PLAN for what you want to achieve. Set goals and dead­lines, and be re­al­is­tic with your bud­get. 9. STAY FO­CUSED. The goal is not to travel but to make a sus­tain­able in­come that will help you travel.


For fur­ther tips, visit full­ti­meno­mad.com.

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