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1. Which two Amer­i­can lit­er­ary giants both died in May this year?

2. Who is Linda Bur­ney?

3. Which coun­try has land bor­ders with Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hun­gary, Ser­bia and Moldova?

4. Vladimir Putin stud­ied which dis­ci­pline at Len­ingrad State Univer­sity?

5. Which per­former out of Shirley Bassey, El­ton John, Eric Clap­ton, Julio Igle­sias and Cliff Richard has never per­formed at Napier’s Mis­sion Con­cert?

6. And which artist per­formed at the in­au­gu­ral Mis­sion Con­cert in 1993?

7. Would you at­tend a Mis­sion Con­cert if you were de­mo­pho­bic?

8. What dis­tances are cov­ered in a marathon, and in a half-marathon?

9. Who wrote the op­er­atic num­ber, the “Cho­rus of the He­brew Slaves”?

10. What three reme­dies un­der the Con­sumer Guar­an­tees Act are avail­able to a trader who has sold faulty goods?

11. In which novel is Holden Caulfield the trou­bled nar­ra­tor?

12. Who said, “I am so busy keep­ing my head above wa­ter that I scarcely know who I am, much less who any­one else is.” An­swers to Whiz Quiz on page 120

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