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Those sum­mer days may be fad­ing away, but it doesn’t mean you need to re­tire the colour with your au­tumn wardrobe. Cheery shades of yel­low, pas­tel blue and fuch­sia pink are ap­pear­ing in your favourite au­tumn styles. But don’t worry if you fear colour, neu­trals are still as pop­u­lar as ever.

Want to know what colours are best for your skin tone?


Do you have red, blonde or light hair? Freck­led or hide from the sun?

Colours to wear: If you have light fea­tures and pale skin then jewel tones in emer­ald, deep pur­ple and bright blue will work well as a con­trast to your skin tone as will cool shades of laven­der, pow­der blue or baby pink. With your warmer tones go for ruby or rose red. And if you are colour shy try a more neu­tral navy, camel, op­u­lent white or cool grey.

Colours to avoid: It’s best to avoid or­ange, tomato red, and bright yel­lows, which can clash with your skin tone en­tirely.


Do you tan eas­ily in the sun rather than burn? If you have olive-toned skin then you have a “warm’’ com­plex­ion and can suit a broader range of colours than your fairer or “cool’’ skin friends.

Colours to wear: For you, the best colours are on the warm side of the colour wheel and in­clude red, co­ral or peach, or­ange, am­ber and gold. Olive, vi­o­let red and orchid colours on their warmer side will look great also. When it comes to your neu­trals a mush­room grey, cream or taupe work well.

Colours to avoid: Icy or pas­tel colours of pow­der blue and pis­ta­chio green can wash you out and give you a grey-skin ap­pear­ance. Olive or warm tone skin will likely have yel­low or green un­der­tones, so you should avoid wear­ing shades of these colours that are too close to your skin tone.


Is there re­ally a mag­i­cal colour that suits ev­ery skin tone? Ap­par­ently true “pri­mary red’’ is the win­ner. There are other colours like pure white, light blush pink and teal that can look great on any skin tone as they of­fer a great bal­ance of cool and warm that doesn’t clash with your skin. A darker tone suit­able for any­one is aubergine, which will ac­cen­tu­ate your skin and isn’t too in­tense.

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