Edit­ing it all To­gether / Piece to­gether your spooky por­trait


1 Get your im­ages

Down­load some free stock fire im­ages from www.pex­els.com. Go to Pho­to­shop and click on File>scripts>load files into stack then click on Model.jpeg and Skull. jpeg. Click OK and your pic­tures will open into a sin­gle doc­u­ment.

2 Cut out the skull

En­sure the skull layer is at the top. Se­lect the Magic Wand tool (W) and click on the black sec­tion, then click the Add Vec­tor Mask but­ton, then Cmd/ Ctrl+i to in­vert it and re­veal the skull. Repeat for the model layer.

3 Place the fire

Next, nav­i­gate to your down­loaded fire im­ages and drag them into your Pho­to­shop doc­u­ment. Place the back­ground fire im­age at the bot­tom of the Lay­ers pal­ette and the fire for the skull at the top of the pal­ette.

4 Flame the skull

Re­duce the layer opac­ity of the fire for the skull and re­size it to fit the skull shape. Then change blend­ing mode to Screen and re­turn opac­ity to 100%. Add a Lev­els ad­just­ment layer and darken the Blacks to blend it in.

5 Add some glow

Add a new layer above the skull layer. Sam­ple the flame with the eye­drop­per tool, se­lect the Brush tool (B) and paint the skull and the right-side of the model, turn Blend­ing mode to Color, and lower the opac­ity to 50%.

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