An­i­mal mash-ups!


1 Copy the body parts

Open cock­erel.jpg and ze­bra.jpg into Pho­to­shop CC. Go to the cock­erel im­age and grab the Lasso tool then drag a rough se­lec­tion around the head. Hit Cmd/ctrl+c to copy, then go to the other im­age and Cmd/ctrl+v to paste your se­lec­tion.

2 Po­si­tion the head

Go to Edit>trans­form>free Trans­form. Drag the cor­ner of the bound­ing box while hold­ing Shift to re­size the layer. Fine-tune the po­si­tion­ing un­til it fits with the lower im­age. If needed, go to the Lay­ers panel and re­duce the layer opac­ity to help you see how the im­age match up.

3 Make a pre­cise se­lec­tion

Get the Quick Se­lec­tion tool and paint over the red bits of the head to iso­late. Click ‘Se­lect and Mask’ in the tool op­tions, then up the Ra­dius to 15px and paint over messy bits of the edge with the Re­fine Brush tool to fix selec­tions. Set Out­put: Layer mask and hit OK.

4 Clone out the over­lap

High­light the bot­tom layer, click the new layer icon in the Lay­ers panel to add an empty one. Grab the Clone tool then set ‘Sam­ple: Cur­rent and Be­low’ in op­tions. Hold Alt and click to sam­ple a source from the back­drop, then paint to re­move the clash­ing ze­bra head.

5 Per­fect the blend

High­light the layer mask thumb­nail on the top layer then grab the Brush tool and hit D to re­set colours to black and white. Zoom in close and per­fect the edges of the layer – ei­ther by paint­ing black to hide or white to re­veal. Hit X to switch be­tween the colours.

6 Add a shadow

High­light the layer be­low the chicken and add an­other new layer. Grab the brush tool and paint with black along the edge of the chicken head where it meets the body to add a shadow, then lower the layer opac­ity un­til it looks nat­u­ral. Make tonal tweaks to fin­ish off.

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