Se­lect and Mask


When we make a se­lec­tion its edge is quite abrupt and jagged, but af­ter run­ning it through the Se­lect and Mask com­mand it will al­most al­ways turn out bet­ter. the key fea­ture of the com­mand is the ra­dius con­trols. Us­ing both the ra­dius slider and the re­fine ra­dius brush, we can in­crease the area of re­fine­ment along the edge, which means the com­mand will look fur­ther afield to find the pix­els that should be in­cluded or ex­cluded from the ini­tial se­lec­tion. It’s es­sen­tial when mak­ing pre­cise selec­tions of fur or hair, and ideal – for crazy hy­brids.

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