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Demon­strates how to make se­lec­tive ad­just­ments us­ing Color Con­trol Points and fix dull colours

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Make se­lec­tive ad­just­ments us­ing Con­trol Points and fix dull colours with Nikon’s new ver­sion of Cap­ture NX-D

Nikon dropped sup­port for its free Cap­ture NX2 photo-edit­ing app in 2014, re­plac­ing it with Cap­ture NX-D. Some may ar­gue that Nikon threw the baby out with the bath wa­ter by no longer pro­vid­ing Color Con­trol Points in Cap­ture NX-D. Con­trol Points en­abled Cap­ture NX2 users to sam­ple a prob­lem area of a pho­to­graph (such as an over­ex­posed sky) and se­lec­tively ad­just a range of prop­er­ties in­clud­ing Hue, Sat­u­ra­tion and Con­trast.

We’re pleased to see that, with the re­cent re­lease of Cap­ture NX-D 1.5.0, the Color Con­trol Point fea­ture is back, so you can take your Raw (or JPEG) edit­ing to the next level.

The sam­pled area be­ing ad­justed by a Con­trol Point blends with the rest of the shot in a grad­u­ated way, en­abling seam­less se­lec­tive ad­just­ments to colour and tone in spe­cific re­gions of the shot. You can also pre­view the range of the ad­justed area us­ing a greyscale dis­play that works like a Pho­to­shop layer mask, en­abling you to fine-tune the lo­ca­tion and strength of the Con­trol Point’s ad­just­ments (see right).

You can also use NX-D to ex­pand Color Con­trol Points from the de­fault BCS (Bright­ness, Con­trast and Sat­u­ra­tion) con­trols to al­ter up to eight prop­er­ties, in­clud­ing Warmth (W). This slider en­ables pho­tog­ra­phers to se­lec­tively warm up a cold blue colour cast in the shade with­out over­warm­ing the cor­rectly bal­anced colours in di­rect sun­light, for ex­am­ple.

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