Depth of field

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Shoot­ing at wide-an­gle fo­cal lengths cre­ates a much longer depth of field com­pared to tele­photo fo­cal lengths, which is ideal for land­scapes as you want as much of the scene as pos­si­ble to be in fo­cus. To max­i­mize the depth of field, you need to shoot at a nar­row aper­ture too, such as f/11 or f/16, as the nar­rower the aper­ture the more of the scene will be sharply in fo­cus.

How­ever, some wide-an­gle zoom lenses of­fer con­sid­er­ably wide max­i­mum aper­tures, such as f/2.8. But if you were to shoot a land­scape as such a wide aper­ture, much of the shot would ap­pear ‘soft’, with only a small slice of the im­age in fo­cus. Such fast wide-an­gle lenses are bril­liant for as­tropho­tog­ra­phy, though, as they can gather the dim light from dis­tant stars, mil­lions of light years away.

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