Us­ing nar­row aper­tures

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When work­ing at high mag­ni­fi­ca­tions, depth of field be­comes ex­tremely shal­low. As a re­sult, only a small slice of your im­age will ap­pear in fo­cus, and scenes can be­come ab­stract when shoot­ing at an an­gle to your sub­ject (as not ev­ery­thing in your scene is the same dis­tance away from your lens). That’s why it’s im­por­tant to use nar­row aper­tures – to in­crease this depth of field so that im­ages are ren­dered clearly. Shoot­ing at f/11 or f/16 is com­mon­place when pho­tograph­ing in­sects, for ex­am­ple, to en­sure they’re cap­tured clearly and in fo­cus. How­ever, that means a darker frame, so you’ll need more light to com­pen­sate. That’s where bits of kit, like ring flashes, come in handy (see right).



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