Re­pro­duc­tion ra­tio

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The re­pro­duc­tion ra­tio of a lens re­lates to the size a sub­ject is re­pro­duced on the im­age sen­sor. ‘True’ macro lenses have at least 1:1 re­pro­duc­tion ra­tio, mean­ing a sub­ject 2cm in length takes up 2cm on the im­age sen­sor. Some lenses that are listed as ‘macro’ ac­tu­ally ex­hibit smaller ra­tios than this, such as 1:2 (where a 2cm sub­ject cov­ers just 1cm on the im­age sen­sor) and that means you cap­ture less de­tail. Con­versely, higher mag­ni­fi­ca­tion ra­tios, such as 2:1 mean a 2cm sub­ject cov­ers 4cm on the im­age sen­sor, pro­vid­ing larger-thanlife, near-mi­cro­scopic lev­els of de­tail.

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