Light­room ex­ter­nal editor set­tings

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01 what to edit

When us­ing JPEGS or TIFFS Light­room en­ables you to edit a copy or the orig­i­nal, but with Raw files you’re al­ways ex­port­ing a pro­cessed copy of the Raw pho­to­graph.

02 file for­mat

You can choose be­tween TIFF, JPEG and Pho­to­shop (PSD) for­mats. TIFF or PSD is best for pre­serv­ing the max­i­mum qual­ity in your ex­ter­nal editor or plug-in, whereas JPEG is for shar­ing.

03 Color space

With­out get­ting too heav­ily into colour man­age­ment, SRGB is an ef­fec­tive low­est com­mon de­nom­i­na­tor, while Adobe RGB or Pro­fo­torgb are tech­ni­cally larger colour spa­ces.

04 Bit depth

The TIFF and PSD op­tions will let you choose ei­ther 8-bit or 16-bit im­ages. 16-bit gives big­ger files, but it’s best for pre­serv­ing a pho­to­graph’s qual­ity when heav­ily edit­ing.

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